Space Cow, board games dedicated to children

Starting in 2018, Space Cow will create board games dedicated to children aged 4 to 7 (and more!). These games, both fun and made of top-notch components, will introduce players to various universes providing them with new playful experiences. Our goal is to entertain and have children play while developing their adaptability skills and imagination.

Cocow has joined the crew and has landed on Earth on September 3rd, just in time for the start of the school year. With a head full of adventures, Cocow is ready to share stories with children, follow her on Facebook !


They talked about our games !*

A game where you don't stay on your hunger !  

Vegan lifestyle

A game as delicious as can be !

Gordon Ramsay

A fun and aerial game ! 

US Airways

*That would they said if it was true...


Make your cuddly toy the best ally against your nightmares !


Watch out the speed bumps  !

Road safety mag

A game full of pitfalls ! 

The woodcutter mag

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