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Dream Catcher

The best ally against your nightmares is your cuddly toy!



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A Fistful of Daisies

In the valley of Herens, cows fight one another to win succulent flowers.

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Patatrap Quest

An evil creature took up residence on top of the 1000-Mirror Tower of the Patatrap castle!

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Unlock! Kids

The best-seller Unlock! tailored for kids!

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Yum Yum Island

Join a pelican squadron and aim the best you can to rescue the animals!

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6+ / 10+

Experience a fantasy adventure with this

parent-child duo playbook


SPACE Cow, a game range dedicated to children!

The main mission of the SPACE Cow team is to publish high-quality board games marked by original and various universes.

Our objective is to entertain Earthlings of all ages while developing their versatility and imagination skills through games. That's why all our games are tested in kindergartens and primary schools.


The space cow that is waving at you is Cocow. Join her on our Facebook page if you want to hear her stories.


The Age Meadow

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Did you notice this logo on each of our boxes? This is what we call the “Age Meadow”.


Each child is unique, with their own background and development. We felt that if we only provided an age range, we were not using the best of systems. So, we decided to implement the Age Meadow to help parents assess whether or not a game is fit for their child(ren).

In the example opposite, Yum Yum Island is a game addressed to children aged 6+ (orange circle). However, the greenest blades of grass indicate that this game is the best fit for children aged 7, 8, and up. The lightest shade of green indicates that the game can be played by children aged 6 but that it can be a tad difficult for them.

This system was designed based on our playtests with hundreds of children.